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Isamu Kenmochi
Isamu KenmochiAn interior designed renowned in Japan and around the world. Said to have been one of the creators of Japanese modern design in the postwar period, together with the likes of Riki Watanabe/Sori Yanagi/Daisaku Cho/Tadaomi Mizunoe.
In 1960, the Rattan Chair (C-3160) designed for the lounge of the Hotel New Japan was the first piece of 20th Century Japanese furniture design to be added to the New York MoMA Permanent Collection.
  • C-3160(NF)
  • C-3150(NF)
  • C-3150-L(NF)
  • T-3030(NF)
Sadao Nagaoka
Sadao NagaokaEstablished the Sadao Nagaoka Design Office in 1970.
Highly regarded for having contributed to the design world over many years, and in 2000 was selected as a person who has given distinguished service to design by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Many products awarded prizes at design competitions and G marks.
Has produced many long-sellers with works that extend the appeal of rattan and show various forms of expression.
  • C-4210-O(NF)
  • C-4210-N(NF)
  • S-4210(NF)
  • C-7130(DB)
Satoshi Takahashi
Satoshi TakahashiGraduated in Interior Design from Kuwasawa Design School.
After working at Yamakawa Rattan K.K. (currently YMK Nagaoka Co., Ltd.), NULL HAUS Registered Architects’ Practice, and Bushy Co., Ltd., established SOD Design in 1987.
Aims for design with good sitting comfort and appearance that makes companies and people shine.
Member of the Japan Interior Architects / Designers’ Association. Origins are chair design. Works on the design of furniture and products that can be held in one’s hands or arms through to store interior and architecture design. Extensive design field also reaches graphics and events.
  • C-3360(DB)
  • C-3560(DB)
  • S-3560(DB)
  • C-3370(DB)
Mineko Yamamoto
Mineko YamamotoAfter working as a Western design researcher at Japan Institute of Design Promotion, established Yamamoto Mineko Design Office in 1975.
Worked as a part-time lecturer at Bunka Gakuen University, and director of Japan Interior Architects / Designers’ Association and The Japan Architectural Education and Information Center.
History of winning many prizes, such as G Design, etc. Many works that are forever youthful, produced from unique female perspective.
  • C-4830(GM)
  • C-5240(BW)
  • C-1260(GM)
  • T-1260-S(GM)
Riki Watanabe
Riki Watanabe1949 Established Riki Watanabe Design Office.
1952 Gained attention for low-cost “Himoisu” chair, and in 1956 established Q Designers together with Yu Watanabe and Katsuo Matsumura.
The following year, Torii Stool (QS-10) and Circular Center Table (QS-40) won gold prizes at the Triennale di Milano.
A pioneer who brought about innovation at the dawn of postwar Japanese design.
  • QS-10(NF)
  • QS-10(DB)
  • QR-10(NF)
  • QR-20(NF)
Katsuo Matsumura
Katsuo MatsumuraIn 1956, established Q Designers together with Riki Watanabe and Yu Watanabe. In 1958, independently established Katsuo Matsumura Design Office.
In 1971, held the “Three-person Furniture Collection” together with Daisaku Cho and Tadaomi Mizunoe, and won the Mainichi Sangyo Design Award.
Has produced many pieces, including home furniture and hotel guest room furniture, together with architects Kiyoshi Seike, Hideo Yanagi and Kazuo Shinohara.
Has produded many long sellers including the QA-100 and QA-90 chairs that suit Japanese people’s form and lifestyle, with a simple yet subtle design style.
  • QA-100(DB)
  • QA-100(NF)
  • QA-90(NF)
  • C-2111(WN)
Kappei Toyoguchi
Kappei ToyoguchiHighly renowned as one of the pioneers of Japanese modern design.
1959 Established Toyoguchi Design Institute. After working at the National Research Institute of Industrial Arts, went on to work as an emeritus professor at Musashino Art University and as an honorary director at Japan Interior Architects / Designers’ Association and Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, etc.
Has won many awards including merit from Prime Minister for the promotion of trade and the Kunii Kitarou Prize for services to industry, etc.

Tsutomu Imazaki
Tsutomu Imazaki1961-67 Isamu Kenmochi Design Institute. 1967 Tsutomu Imazaki Design Institute established.
Interiors and interior product design for city halls, banks hotels and resort facilities, etc.
1962-65 Won gold and silver prizes, etc. for 4 consecutive years at Tendo Mokko and Kosuga design competitions.
1996 Won bronze prize at International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa, with C-7190 as rattan version of prize-winning “TAKAGUSOFA”.

YMK Nagaoka
YMK NagaokaYMK Nagaoka Co., Ltd. is a specialist rattan furniture manufacturer located in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Established in 2011, we currently have 5 artisans enthusiastically devoted to producing made-to-order rattan furniture as well as carrying out repairs and overhauls. We produce a wide variety of products ranging from furniture to interiors for general home, stores facilities, including wicker chairs and rattan beds, etc. We endeavor to manufacture our products with creativity and originality while valuing the concept of working by hand.
  • B-1200-S(NF)
  • C-4280-L(DB)
  • B-1021-S(DB)
  • T-3120(DB)